Due to the success of the Zoe Symptom Tracker, this project has been discontinued.

COVID-19 Symptom Tracker UK

In the UK, we're all worried about the coronavirus. Unfortunately, due to a lack of test kits, we don't know exactly how many people have been infected. In this mini-survey, we're trying to ask people all around the UK about any coronavirus-related symptoms they've experienced in the last four weeks, so we can have a better idea of the spread of the disease.

Importantly, this doesn't work if only sick people complete the survey. We need everyone, including those who are currently sick, people who have been sick recently, and people who don't feel sick at all.

By filling out this survey, you can help us understand the spread of this disease. It should take about 2 minutes. You can complete this survey as many times you like, as your symptoms change, but please enter your email address so we know the data is coming from the same person.

Open Data

All responses on this website, excluding personal information, will be made publicly available as soon as possible. This is so that researchers around the world can analyse it without delay.

Who we are

This is an unofficial, volunteer-run project. It's run by scientists, but isn't currently supported by the government, any official body, or a university.


By completing this survey, you consent for us to store and access the data you provide, and to make the non-personal data (everything except your nickname and IP address) publicly available. Although we will make every effort we can to maintain the privacy of your data and to comply with General Data Protection Regulation, we are volunteers, and we cannot take any responsibility for any accidental breaches that may occur.

I understand and agree to take part in this survey.

Part 1: About you


Part 2: Formal Testing

Have you been tested for the coronavirus?

What was the outcome of that test?

Part 3: Core Symptoms

Over the last four weeks, have you had any of the following symptoms:


Do you still have it?

Continuous dry cough?

Do you still have it?

Part 4: Other Symptoms

Symptoms added:

Over the last four weeks, have you had any other symptoms of any kind you would like to record? Please feel free to tell us about any medical symptoms you have had, even if you're not sure they're related to the coronavirus. You can fill out this section as many times as necessary.

Do you still have it?

Part 5: Anything else?

Thank you

Your responses have been recorded.

What next?

Need to know more?

Go to www.gov.uk/coronavirus for up-to-date information about COVID-19.

Keep your distance

Please keep following the government advice on social distancing, and keep washing your hands. This is the only way we can stop the coronavirus killing thousands of vulnerable people.

Get in touch (but only digitally)

Have any questions about this survey, or ideas to make it better, including suggestions for what to show on this page? Want to get involved, or donate resources? Email us at symptom.tracker.uk@gmail.com.

Do it again

If your symptoms change, feel free to complete this survey again. Make sure to use the same nickname, so we can link the data.

Share it (the survey, not the virus)