Due to the success of the Zoe Symptom Tracker, this project has been discontinued.


We've just launched, but once the data is ready for download you can find it here.

Here's an example of the kind of data we're collecting.

Variable Example What is it Notes
timestamp 2020-03-23 12:00:001 When did you complete the survey
ip Your IP address Not made public
session_id 5r5q9tb0 l458l8zc dgvhcyea j8giwonx hdhbqim4 d5uk A random identifier
age 30 Your age
sex Male Your sex
postcode SW1A Your postcode area code.
nickname example@email.com, brixton.john.smith Your nickname Collected to match up repeated responses from the same person. Not made public
share_email Yes Can we share your email with Public Health England?
tested Yes Have you been tested for the coronavirus?
tested_outcome Negative The outcome
tested_date 2020-03-20 When were you tested?
fever Yes Have you had a fever in the last 2 weeks?
fever_from 2020-03-18 When did it start?
fever_still Yes Do you still have it?
fever_to N/A When did it stop?
cough Yes Have you had a cough in the last 2 weeks?
cough_from 2020-03-16 When did it start?
cough_still No Do you still have it?
cough_to 2020-03-18 When did it stop?